Article Written By: John Schulte| SVP, Chief Information Officer| Mercantile Bank of Michigan

Just in time for the holidays, when finances and overspending can be stressful, the new Cash Flow module is now live in our online management tool, MercMoney®. The Cash Flow module offers an easy way to project out your income/expenses (and replace the old checkbook register). 

MercMoney® is integrated into our online banking system and is a great way to empower you to take control of your finances and simplify your life. Budgeting, account aggregation and debt management are a just a few of the tools available, and best of all it’s free with any Mercantile checking or savings account.

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It’s easy to set up MercMoney® and the Cash Flow module with a set-up wizard that identifies most re-occurring transactions, allows you to choose/edit future dated transactions and search history for other re-occurring items the wizard may miss. The wizard makes it easy (5-10 minutes) to replace a work intensive spreadsheet or manual process cash flow tracking process.

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This module works both for people who want an easy, casual estimate of their cash flow and for those who keep detailed records. It can replace your current checkbook register, spreadsheet, Quicken or paper reconciliation process – with an automated and more efficient cash projection. The mobile version of this module is expected to be released in early 2017 so you can budget while on the go.  

If you would like more information on MercMoney® and the new Cash Flow module visit or stop in to any of our branches.


Beyond the Cubical

August 10, 2015 // Community, Culture

Article Written By: Cordell Zachery | Commercial Loan Operations Intern | Mercantile Bank of Michigan

As an incoming Senior at Grand Valley State University I’ve completed a variety of internships and worked a handful of jobs. As my undergraduate career is coming to an end, planning for post graduate life is now my top priority. Acing classes, making connections, and finding my niche within an organization are my main goals for my final year. This mindset is what steered me to Mercantile Bank.

Towards the end of my Junior year I came in contact with Don Williams a former member of Mercantile’s Board of Directors. With his guidance I interviewed with Mercantile Bank for a summer internship with the Commercial Loan Operations Department and shortly after I was offered the position.

From day one of the internship I knew that it was going to be different from my previous work experiences. The day was dedicated to training all of the interns where we learned about the bank’s values and structure, professional development skills, and went on a tour of the bank’s main branch. We even got to chat with the bank’s president!

The day after training I met the employees from the departments that I’d be working with. Each employee in the department was vibrant and welcoming. My supervisors really made me feel as though my task within the organization helped with the bank’s success. This feeling of actually making an impact as an intern is something that Mercantile Bank strongly values. Not once have I felt like a “cog in the machine”.

A unique part of Mercantile’s internship program is the experience outside of the office. Misti Stanton, Diversity & Inclusion Officer, makes it her duty to make sure that we not only develop connections within the bank but outside as well. In June Misti brought the interns to an event with the ADA called the “Father of The Year Awards” held at JW Marriot. During this event we were able to network with various professionals from Grand Rapids, learned a few pointers on dinner etiquette, and enjoyed a delicious 3 course meal. This is only one of the many professional events we’ve attended. Being around these professionals motivated me to attend numerous networking and skill building events around Grand Rapids and at every event I can say that I’ve made a connection with a new person.

Another facet of Mercantile that I didn’t expect to get from my internship was the openness of employees to be a mentor and a friend.  Whenever being around Don Williams he greets you with a warm smile and then gives you some tips or past experiences that contain a take away for you to use within your life. Also, I’ve been able to learn from departments other than mine as well. As an Advertising & PR major I was very interested in what the Marketing Department’s functions were. Monica Kreiger and Zach Roth both took time out of their day to meet with me. I learned about their strategies, use of social media, commercial making, and more.

As an intern here at Mercantile Bank I can truly say that I’ve had one of the best experiences as an up and coming professional in Grand Rapids. Within Mercantile’s mission statement it states that the organization maintains an “environment of growth and development” and I’ve seen that first hand.  Not only do I learn new things every day about the inner workings of Mercantile but I also improve daily on my professionalism and transferable skills that I can use in any field that I choose to go into. Here at Mercantile you have your best experiences outside of your cubical.











Article Written By: Mike Kroft | eBanking Services Manager | Mercantile Bank of Michigan

At Mercantile Bank, we take pride in providing our customers with innovative and helpful banking technology.  We are excited to announce that we are preparing for a major upgrade to our Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Bill Pay systems.  We believe these new resources will provide a new level of banking convenience.  These upgrades will ensure that managing your online accounts will be both easy and convenient.

The new Online Banking system is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate.  As a part of the effortless navigation, you will be able to use a single login for both Online and Mobile Banking.  Our upgraded online bank statements are redesigned to make them more visually appealing and most importantly will be easier to read.  You will be able to print online statements as a pdf in the same format as the paper version.  If you would like to be notified when online statements are ready, you will be able to receive email alerts to let you know they are ready to be viewed.  Additionally, you will now be able to review your account history from the past 24 months.

Our new MercMoney personal finance management tools provide cutting edge banking technology that will impress.  If you have struggled with budgeting in the past, we believe these new resources will help you take control of your finances and simplify your life.  Budgeting, account aggregation, auto categorization, and debt management are a few of the tools that will allow you to visualize and interact with your money in a variety of constructive ways.  For example, all of your transactions will be automatically categorized when you enroll for MercMoney.  You will be able to examine your spending in a variety of ways that makes sense to you.  We also will have our new MercMoney app for additional convenience to the tools. Our MercMoney app along with our MercMobile app for the Apple and Android platforms will be available for download on October 23, 2013.

There are numerous amounts of new features and improvements with this upgrade.  Please visit our website ( to make note of the dates in which these changes are taking place.  We will also be hosting a library of tutorial videos to illustrate many of the new features.  We eagerly anticipate the release of this upgrade and are certain that you will appreciate it as much as we do.











Article Written By: Michael Price | Chairman and CEO | Mercantile Bank of Michigan

We are pleased to announce the merger of Mercantile Bank Corporation and Firstbank Corporation.  The new organization will be the third largest Michigan-based bank holding company, with 53 branches state-wide and nearly $3 billion in total assets.

We believe this merger will strengthen our competitive position throughout the region, helping us to better serve our customers by enhancing the customer experience and expanding the breadth of our product portfolio.  Both banking organizations share similar corporate cultures which emphasize providing excellent customer service and building strong client relationships.

Our expanded footprint means more convenience for our customers, as these complementary businesses have essentially no market overlap.  No branch closures are anticipated as part of this merger and we expect that our branch employees will remain intact.

Both banking organizations have solid, knowledgeable management teams that are fully committed to the combined new company.  We anticipate receiving all shareholder and regulatory approvals for this merger this fall, and completing the merger process by the end of this year.

From an executive management perspective, Tom Sullivan, the current President and CEO of Firstbank, will serve as Chairman of the combined organization for one year.  I will serve as President and CEO.  I enjoyed working with Tom to bring this merger together, and I am happy to continue to work with him as we finalize the merger process.

Additionally, we are taking measures, including the creation of merger integration teams, to ensure that all our customers have a very positive experience throughout the transition.  We will continue to disseminate information about the merger in the days and weeks ahead.  I want to reiterate that we believe that this merger-of-equals is a terrific opportunity to provide our customers with unmatched resources and services built on a tradition of excellence.